The history of the Kavax Sheet Metal Shear begins in Sweden in the mid-70’s with an ingenious inventor who developed the design, bringing portability and high capacity to a rotary shear head. Roper-Whitney began importing it in the U.S. in the early 80’s and the Kavax Shear soon gained a strong following in sheet steel mills around the U.S. and particularly in Chicago, Northwest Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Bob Hall got involved with it in the late 80’s because he was the Fein rep in Chicago and NW Indiana and folks came to him for help with the Fein DS 648 drill motors that were used to power the Kavax Shear. One thing led to another and, after a trip to Sweden in 1989 after Roper-Whitney stopped selling the Kavax Shear, his company became the U.S. importer.

The actual production of the Kavax Shear was first in the hands of a small company in Sweden which went bankrupt in the early 90’s. The production was then moved to another company in Europe which itself went bankrupt in the years following the economic crash of 2008 – 09. At this point Bob decided to move the production to the U.S., a project that took several years and a lot of time and effort on the part of a great many people. This effort was made because of the reality that the folks who need the Kavax Shear, really need it. No other product on the market will do what it does: cut sheet steel in place without chips, plasma spray or other debris to damage expensive rolling equipment.

Today the Kavax Shear is manufactured entirely in the U.S. Design improvements were incorporated in the machine, while still maintaining 100% backwards compatibility with all critical parts from earlier machines.

Often referred to as a “Slitter On a Stick” the Kavax Shear has been exported to steel processing and fabrication facilities on every continent except Antarctica.

You can count on the Kavax Shear to cut mild steel up to 3/16” thick, year after year. It is a very, very robustly built machine.

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